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Although Maybrook was under a moratorium at the time of development, we worked with the Village Board to negotiate an increase in project density while agreeing to a restriction on multi-family development that allowed the project to proceed.

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Working Towards a Common Goal

The seventeen (17) lot residential subdivision involved the construction of approximately 800 linear feet of public road on a ±6.0 acre parcel within the Village of Maybrook. MNTM prepared a full site plan for the subdivision and obtained all necessary approvals from the reviewing agencies. The subdivision was designed to to accommodate potential future connection to the vacant parcel to the southwest of the project site.


Prior to developing the single-family residential subdivision plans, the applicant actively pursued approval for a multi-family housing complex.  Prior to receiving the necessary approvals from the Planning Board, the Village Board issued a moratorium on all residential projects.  The applicant and MNTM were able to negotiate relief from the moratorium and a higher density of development in exchange for the agreement that the project would switch from multi-family to single-family.


Due to the project density and existing topography at the site, we designed an underground detention facility consisting of two (2) – 48” diameter pipes, each at ±275 linear feet. To mitigate the post-construction peak runoff, stormwater was collected and conveyed to the detention facility prior to being discharged from the site.
MNTM designed the extension of the adjacent public water and sewer mains to serve the majority of the proposed dwellings. Due to the density of the project, special attention was required to ensure the required separation was maintained to the proposed water, sewer, and storm sewer mains. Two of the proposed lots accessed directly to Clark Place and connected to existing water and sewer service along the road.


Village of Maybrook, Orange County




Boundary Survey, Topographic Survey, Development Sketch Plan, SWPPP, SEQR, Subdivision