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Development Sketch Plans

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Applying the regulations of state and local municipalities, development sketch plans are created to offer a simplified look at what is possible at a project site. Often drafted based upon the criteria gathered from a feasibility study, development sketch plans are used to provide an overview of potential development options without dedicating the time and money to developing more detailed plans.

A sketch plan is the first step towards a final residential or commercial site plan or subdivision. Sketch plans may also consist of additional field work including soils tests, wetland delineation, and boundary or topographic surveys. These items are not always required, but the more information provided, the closer the sketch plan will be to a final plan.

development-sketch-plans-residential-site development-sketch-plans-for-commercial-site

Sketch plans are prepared for many reasons.  A land owner looking to sell a parcel will often have a sketch plan developed for marketing purposes.  A potential buyer may request a sketch plan to see if the development they are looking to complete will fit within the confines of a parcel.  A developer may utilize a sketch plan for an initial presentation to a municipality to gauge if the project will be well received or be met with adversity.  Whatever the reason, MNTM prepares highly valuable, economical sketch plans for any type of development.