Potable Water Treatment & Distribution Systems

Got water? We design efficient potable water distribution systems for residential development, commercial facilities and municipalities alike.

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Water Treatment Systems

Providing safe drinking water is paramount in the design of any public or private facility. Utilizing the results of quantity and quality testing, MNTM will design specific treatment options to remove contaminants to be within acceptable levels. These maximum contaminant levels, or MCL’s, are specified by the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) and are required to be strictly adhered to for commercial and industrial facilities.

MNTM designs treatment and disinfection facilities with three (3) aspects at the forefront of consideration:

  1. Treatment capabilities.  The function of the system to properly remove contaminants is paramount and cannot be sacrificed.
  2. Upfront/Construction & Long Term Costs.  An economical treatment system is not necessarily the cheapest to install.  Long term costs to operate a water treatment system is always considered in MNTM’s designs.
  3. Long Term Maintenance Responsibilities.  Regardless of the type of use, a project requiring a water treatment system requires monitoring and sampling.  MNTM designs systems with minimal maintenance requirements to keep you or your employees working and not worried about maintaining the water supply.
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Water Distribution Systems

Once your water has been treated, how do you get it to to the tap for use? MNTM designs water distribution systems including: water main extensions for developments served by municipal water, water storage tanks and pressure pumps for the conveyance of water to mains, and complete water distribution systems for developments creating private community water supplies.  MNTM has the knowledge and experience to make sure you have plenty of water for your development.