Septic System Design

We think about what happens on the back end of your sewer system, so you don’t have to!

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Down the Drain!

Septic system design, or sewage disposal system design as it is commonly referred, involves the treatment (and distribution) of sewer waste. Specific design criteria for residential and small-scale commercial systems is mandated by the county health departments and New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH). Large-scale projects, those with design flows greater than 1,000 gallons per day, are governed by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) and require a State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (SPDES) permit to operate.

Septic System Design has been a staple of our business dating back to our roots. We provide designs for a variety of projects, whether it be for an individual residential septic system, a large realty subdivision requiring health department approval, or a commercial sewage disposal system necessitating a SPDES permit. Septic system design is based upon the results of a percolation test, determining the system size, and a deep test pit, determining the system type. We design all manner of sewage disposal systems, including standard in-ground absorption trench (pipe-in-stone) systems, gravelless absorption trench systems, raised or fill systems, sand filter systems, and sewage treatment plants.

installing a Septic system design installed residential septic system design by MNTM engineering

Septic systems, due to their lack of visibility, often get forgotten about until the toilet doesn’t flush or there is a wet spot with a strong odor in the back (or front) yard.  Thorough investigation of the site is necessary to ensure proper function of an on-site septic.  MNTM spends the time and effort necessary to fully investigate sites to be confident the septic system design we prepare will work flush after flush.  Let us worry about what happens beyond the drain so you don’t have to!