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You could say it’s our specialty and we’ve built our reputation on the thousands of projects we’ve completed since 1982.

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What is Land Surveying?

Simply put, land surveying is all about mapping and measuring land. Land surveyors and survey companies use specialized equipment, mathematics, technology and a bit of common sense to measure various environments. For example, a NY land surveyor could survey a residential boundary line one day, and conduct a topographical survey the next. Surveys could be conducted using gps technology in the morning, and a robotic total station in the afternoon.

Without land surveying companies, many commercial developments, bridges, water treatment plants and so much more would not exist.

Land Surveying is vital to determining the boundaries of land ownership, establishing the limits of FEMA floodplains, depiction of site topography, and showing the location of existing site improvements. Our surveyors also perform site stakeout during construction and as-built surveys to verify that your development is being built in accordance with the design.


How much should a Land Survey cost?

The cost of a land survey varies based upon the type and size of the survey requested. Every job is unique and therefore may cost more or less depending on field conditions and lot size. Further, the overall cost of the service is dependent on what is included. Much the same as an a-la-carte restaurant, be sure you are comparing the same services when selecting a firm to hire for your land surveying work.

Not every land survey company is created equally. When considering the cost of a survey, experience and equipment makes all the difference. A company that charges less typically needs more staff and more time to complete a project. MNTM utilizes the most current land survey technology to provide quality service to our customers at an affordable cost.

With over 130 years of experience, MNTM has the land survey expertise you need to provide quality service on any project.

At MNTM, we take pride in our accuracy and timeliness. If you’re looking for an experienced and professional land survey in Orange County NY or the surrounding area, then call us for a quote, or take a look at some of our services below.