As Built Surveying

Is your building where it is supposed to be? Make sure with an As Built Survey.

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Confirming Construction

Whether it be a foundation location or final as-built of all construction, as-built surveys have been required by mortgage companies for years. Local municipalities are now requiring as-built surveys prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy as record of the constructed improvements.

MNTM prides itself in providing detailed and accurate As-Built Surveys.

With the increased cost of construction and potential ramifications of a relocated structure, as-built surveys are necessary to verify what is constructed is consistent with the approved plans. In areas where structures are close to minimum setback lines, as-built surveys may be required during construction to verify the location is within the setback lines before construction may continue. If you are making an investment into the development or re-development of a property, an as built survey will give you the peace of mind the construction is occurring where it should be.

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