Well Water Testing

Is your water safe to drink and is there enough of it?  Put your water to the test.

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A Water Quality Testing

Did you know that your drinking water has the potential to contain harmful contaminants? Groundwater is exposed to pollutants gathered from both surface runoff prior to infiltration and from any pollutants that may exist in the soil or have been introduced through leaking oil or gas tanks. Knowing what is in the water is the first step towards treating it. MNTM coordinates and conducts water quality sampling in conjunction with local, state-authorized labs to ensure samples are efficiently and accurately analyzed.

Extensive water quality testing (beyond a simple bacteria sample) is required for most commercial site plans and realty subdivisions served by private wells. The extent of testing is dictated by the New York State Department of Health or governing local health department and the classification of the water system.

Well water testing sample from well clean water from well water testing

For a realty subdivision, the minimum water testing required is for 15 parameters including iron, manganese, nitrate, turbidity, bacteria, and hardness.  The testing requirements are often expanded when a property has been recently farmed to include monitoring of pesticides and other organic chemicals.

For commercial, industrial, or high-density residential development on private water wells, the water supplies are often classified as public water systems (PWS).  The testing requirements for a public water system depend on whether the system is classified as a Community Water System (CWS), Nontransient noncommunity water system (NTNCWS), or a Transient noncommunity water system (TNCWS).


Whether it is for a simple residential subdivision or a large scale commercial development, MNTM is capable of completing the water quality sampling, testing, and reports for your project. For projects requiring water treatment and disinfection, MNTM will design a water treatment system based upon the results of the water quality testing and anticipated usage.  Click here for more information on Water Treatment & Disinfection system designs.

Potable water treatment and distribution systems


Water Quantity Testing

Knowing there is sufficient water to accommodate the proposed demand is a key point in ensuring your project flows from start to finish. MNTM coordinates and conducts well pump tests to measure and analyze the amount of water available. The standards of water quantity analysis are dictated by the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH). Additional requirements from a County Department of Health or other local agency may also be applicable.

Depending on the classification of the well, well pump tests can be required to last anywhere from 8 hours to more than 72 hours.  These tests must be completed with a constant, uninterrupted flow rate to verify the capacity of the well.  MNTM utilizes state-of-the-art dataloggers to monitor and record water levels and water temperature during testing. Our technology allows us to setup a test and let it run, without the need for constant oversight during the duration of the test. Our engineers have the ability to connect to the equipment at any time, enabling real-time review and analysis of the data as it is being collected.

MNTM compiles the data collected during the pump test along with the water quality results into a comprehensive report for the review of the health department.  The data collected is used for the design of a water treatment system for the facilities it serves.  Click here for more information on Water Treatment & Disinfection system designs.

Potable water treatment and distribution systems