Feasibility Study

The sensible way to start a project. Find out whether your plans will work, and what you’ll need to make it happen.

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Will it Work?

Just as every flame starts with a spark, every project starts with an idea. That spark grows as your project progresses, eventually turning what was simply a thought into a finished product. Don’t let your spark burn out too fast.

MNTM provides detailed, cost effective feasibility studies for any type of development.  MNTM will review local codes, regulations, available topographic and wetland mapping, the potential for endangered or threatened species, soil mapping, and many other potential pitfalls to establish the baseline development potential for your parcel of land. No stone is left unturned. Discover any potential issues now, before over-investing in a project that may not be able to be built. Uncover hidden elements, including municipal application and escrow review fees, public hearing requirements, and potential zoning setbacks. Know what lies ahead before you take the first step!

feasibility-study-plans land surveying for a feasibility study