Boundary Survey & Disputes

Buying a piece of land? Having a dispute with your neighbor? A boundary or property survey will show you where to draw the line.

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Finding the Limits

A boundary, or property survey, depicts the limits of your property’s physical boundaries. These surveys are instrumental when establishing property lines, settling land disputes and maintaining property rights. A boundary survey is recommended if you’re seeking to buy new land or record the precise measurements of your property.

MNTM keeps the project’s overall budget in mind throughout the entirety of each project.

MNTM border property boundary survey fence MNTM border property boundary survey road

MNTM uses state-of-the-art robotic equipment, allowing us to keep our field crews small and the overall property and boundary survey costs low. Pairing modern equipment and over 120 years of experience, our surveyors are able to pinpoint property bounds and provide our clients with the highest level of confidence that the boundaries shown on a map and marked in the field are accurate.  Included in every survey cost is the marking of important, unmarked property corners.  Setting of property corners is often an extra with other surveying companies.  We feel you should know where your property ends and your neighbor’s begins, so we include the cost associated with setting corners in every boundary survey.