Legal Description of Property

Legal descriptions tell the story of your property, from historical records to the modern day.  They are a necessary component of every deed and real estate transaction.

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Keeping An Eye On The Details

MNTM knows that every piece of land has a story. We uncover each project’s history by researching any past deeds and mapping. Our surveyors provide a written outline of a property’s boundaries, calling out specific dimensions, corners, and lot area. Legal descriptions are typically prepared based upon a recent boundary survey mapping the metes and bounds of a piece of property. As the legal description for a property gets filed with the county clerk’s office upon transfer of a property and a boundary survey map does not, the accuracy of the deed description is vital to ensure there are no title issues in future property transfers.

Our surveyors provide a detailed description of your property, ensuring nothing is left out.

Older descriptions often lack the precision and level of detail available with modern equipment. Often these deeds have inconsistencies in geometry and general accuracy. More recent descriptions can have the same concerns. Poorly written or unchecked deeds can create errors in closure that result in future headaches for the landowner. Inaccurate descriptions in lot geometry can create deed overlaps or deed gores, leading to areas of land that can claim to be owned by two different parties, or by no one at all!

Our surveyors complete a detailed metes and bounds description of your property, ensuring that the bounds of your property will withstand the test of time.  Each deed description prepared by MNTM is written by a licensed land surveyor, re-read by an independent employee, checked for accuracy against the boundary survey, and plotted separately to ensure the description is an exact representation of the completed boundary survey. Whether you are buying or transferring property, an accurate legal description prepared by MNTM gives you the confidence that your deed describes the property you actually bought or sold.

MNTM legal description document land surveying MNTM legal description document land surveying