Eva Meadows

The fourteen (14) residential lots in this picturesque subdivision are located in an old farm field in the rolling hills of Goshen. Grading for the proposed roadway and stormwater facilities was designed to minimize the amount of excavated material leaving the site.

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A Detailed Design

The Eva Meadows Subdivision was developed on a 45.2 acre parcel located on Houston Road in the Town of Goshen. The project site was encumbered by both state- and federally-regulated wetlands. The project was designed as an Open Space Development with approximately 50% of the site (21.6 acres) preserved in a permanent conservation easement.


The 1,500 linear foot public road was designed with a tee-turnaround to accommodate potential through access due to future development of the adjacent parcel. The proposed design benefitted the client by reducing the area encumbered by a conventional circular turnaround, as well as reducing the construction costs associated with the larger impervious area. Our engineers designed a micropool extended detention basin in accordance with the current NYSDEC General Permit (GP 0-08-001) regulations for the treatment and detention of stormwater runoff. Final grading for the road and stormwater facility was completed to balance the amount of cut / fill at the site.


The MNTM team worked with the Orange County Department of Health (OCDOH) on the design and approval of the proposed onsite septic systems for the realty subdivision. We completed dozens of deep test pits and percolation tests at the site, along with additional joint testing completed with OCDOH.
Construction of the road is complete and has been dedicated to the Town of Goshen.  The construction of the 14 homes is nearly complete with only a few lots remaining undeveloped. MNTM remains involved in the project through the completion of the required stormwater inspections and any necessary construction stakeout.


Town of Goshen, Orange County




Boundary Survey, Topographic Survey, Development Sketch Plan, SWPPP, Septic System Design, SEQR, Subdivision