Meadows at Ponds’ Edge

An eighteen (18) lot residential subdivision with two cul-de-sacs located in separate fields, the focal point of this development is the large existing pond located at the center of the project site.

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Addressing the Issues

Due to the size and location of the project site, the Planning Board requested a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) based upon a number of concerns raised during initial review of the project. Knowledgeable of the time and cost of preparing such a document, MNTM worked with the Planning Board to prepare the necessary studies and compile them into an expanded Part 3 of the Environmental Assessment Form (EAF). Issues such as water supply, archeological concerns, traffic, stormwater, school bus accessibility, wetland disturbance, and others were all assessed in a concise appendix to the standard EAF. By working with the Planning Board to address their concerns we were able to avoid a costly Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), saving our client both time and money.


Our office completed onsite soils testing for the proposed sewage disposal system design, including over 50 deep test pits and percolation tests. We worked directly with the Orange County Department of Health (OCDOH) to facilitate the design and review of the individual wells and sewage disposal systems serving the proposed homes. During well testing, our engineers coordinated the analysis of the existing public water supply well adjacent to the site and concluded the proposed development and the 18 proposed wells would not adversely impact the existing water supply.
Due to the proximity of the development to the state wetlands and 100-foot buffer area, a wetland disturbance permit was required for the construction of the proposed stormwater facilities. We prepared the necessary documentation and worked with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) to receive the wetland buffer disturbance permits necessary for the proposed development.


MNTM continues to finalize the approvals for this residential subdivision with the involved agencies. Look for construction to begin in the spring of 2016.


Town of Montgomery, Orange County




Boundary Survey, Topographic Survey, Development Sketch Plan, SWPPP, Septic System Design, Water Well Testing, SEQR, Wetland Permit