D&H Canal Corridor

Accuracy and knowledge are of utmost importance when surveying a historical landmark. With years of experience completing detailed surveys in and around the Wurtsboro area, MNTM was the logical choice for this project.

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Following Historical Footsteps

Traces of the former D&H canal are still visible throughout Sullivan County as it generally parallels the route of current US Route 209. The Village of Wurtsboro is well-known for its rich history, especially as it relates to the Delaware & Hudson (D&H) Canal. The historic waterway once ran through what is now downtown Wurtsboro (formerly Rome and renamed for D&H founders – the Wurts brothers). In fact, the Village has a park located along Main Street at the intersection with the former canal.
As part of the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy program, old railroad and canal towpaths are being reclaimed to provide passive recreation facilities for the community. Although the old canalway is currently utilized for these activities, the section of trail between Wurtsboro and the start of the D&H Canal Linear Park is relatively unmaintained. Our surveyors completed a survey of the canal corridor in this area to provide specific bounds on the trail. The survey also helped further define the extents of the linear park to prevent unauthorized access by users of the trail onto private property.


Village of Wurtsboro, Sullivan County




Boundary Survey