Meadow Hill Apartment Complex

Our team re-engineered the previously approved project and saved the client over $300,000 worth of construction costs.

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Making the Grade

The Meadow Hill Apartment Complex, located on High Street (NYS Route 94) & Meadow Avenue in the Village of Chester, was a previously approved 108 unit apartment complex consisting of six (6) apartment buildings and associated parking facilities. The project involved the extension of the municipal water and sewer mains to provide service to the site, as well as the design of on-site stormwater treatment and detention facilities.

After construction of the project had begun, the client approached MNTM due to concerns over the large volume of fill that was required to be removed from the site. By revising the final grading to create a balanced site, our engineers were able to eliminate nearly 40,000 cubic yards of material from being removed from the site. The construction costs associated with this task alone were over $300,000.

We were able to revise the dimensions of the proposed stormwater pond to reduce the total excavation depth by six (6) feet while maintaining the necessary storage volumes. The revised site grading also significantly reduced the required sewer and storm sewer trench depths.  MNTM was able to reduce the maximum trench depth from 26 feet down to approximately 13 feet.

To avoid obtaining formal site plan approvals for the re-designed site, the proposed locations of the buildings and parking areas remained unchanged from the approved plan. With the original plan lacking conformance with New York State accessibility requirements, MNTM redesigned the final elevations of these improvements to conform with accessibility requirements and maintain all applicable maximum slopes.

This project is a prime example of value engineering being applied. While the original site plan was approved, the construction costs associated with the design made it difficult to be constructed economically. Our team was able to save the client hundreds of thousands of dollars by simply making minor adjustments in the final grades.


Village of Chester, Orange County


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